Staff Directory


Town Clerk Treasurer: Christy Kimber   email Christy 

My journey began with the Town in December of 2015, and I have genuinely enjoyed serving each of you as the Clerk/Treasurer since. Born in the area of Hudson, I am the daughter of long-time residents, Vic and Adele Hessling.  My husband, Jeff Kimber and I own Precision Dirt Works Inc., and have one son, Bridger.  I have two older siblings, and an identical twin sister.  I approach everything I do with one goal in mind – to make a positive difference in people’s lives and to honor God in the process. I have always sought to treat others the way that I would want to be treated, and I make certain to bring assistance to others when I observe a need.  I am a very loyal person, who works hard, is self-motivated, and gets along well with others.  I hold over thirty years of visionary leadership, executive experience, personnel management, as well as, clerical, computer, bookkeeping, payroll, and customer service experience.  I enjoy supporting communities, and serve on the board of Mission Possible Inc., a non-profit designed to instill a deep sense of connection and moral responsibility in our youth.

Assistant Clerk Treasurer: Sharon Anderson

Maintenance Director: Harry Miller  email Harry




Council Members:

SHERRY OLER:  Born & raised in Casper, Wyoming.  Legal Assistant AAS Degree from Casper College, Married S. Keith Oler in 1991.  Moved to Fremont County in 2000. Employment:  Judicial Assistant for the 9th Judicial District Court Judge since 2003.

JULIE THOMAS:  Retired in 2011 after 30 yrs in the field of Child Development specializing in Behavior Modification.  Having worked at Preschool and Elementary levels,  as a Tutor for Special Needs Children, a Professional Nanny and a Mentor for Youth in Foster Care.  Julie is presently a Librarian Trainee at Hudson’s Yablonski Library and happily serving local children and their families.  Julie has 3 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren and is willing to “adopt” more.  Julie has lived 13 years in Wyoming, the last 8 have been in Hudson and she has no intention of leaving.
Julie is half French and half Iroquois Six Nations.  She is currently 70 and trying to adapt to that.  Julie is an Evangelical Christian and a Republican and, she seeks peace with everyone through kindness and respect.  Her motto is “The world needs more kindness”.