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Main-StreetHISTORY Hudson started as a company town. A certificate of incorporation was granted the Popo Agie Valley Townsite, with major stock being held by J.E. Loy, E.C. Liggett, P.A. Ware and O.S. Riggs. This certificate was granted May 26,1906. Hudson was plotted and dedicated July 12, 1906. The name Rogerville was originally picked for Hudson, but there was a post office in the state of Wyoming, already bearing that name. Incorporation of the town was March 8, 1909. William S. Calhoon was elected the first mayor and council elected were William Hotchkiss, R.B. Leedy, Thomas Tonkim and J. Winchester.

As with most new towns, the business of drawing up ordinances for the town occupied the early years. Ordinances dealing with sites for the town hall, fire hall, and other public buildings were discussed. There were other issues to deal with to, such as dogs and their licensing, trash disposal, etc…    DID YOU KNOW At its peak, the population of Hudson reached about 1,500 people. The town had a bakery which furnished bread to Lander and Riverton. There was a hotel, a pharmacy, Chamber of Commerce, two banks, a restaurant, two general stores, a lumber yard, a butcher shop, a jewelry store and a millinery shop. There was also a motion picture theatre, which was called the “Opera House”, a brick yard and kiln, a doctor (Dr. Repologle), its own newspaper entitled, “The Miner”, a 15 piece band, a railroad depot, and stock yards.

SVILAR PARK is a great little park to gather with family.  The park is located behind the English Muffin Bakery on Main Street, and began in 1975. The land was donated by Daniel V. Svilar to the Town May 6, 1975. The land was dedicated to outdoor recreation in perpetuity in everlasting memory of Paul and Mary Petro, original settlers to the town.